Cy (ladydeyote) wrote in petzadoptions,

Update on the search for the corgi I love!


After numerous emails, and asking around, the super nice lady at Tenrai Kennels let me have the file I have been looking for. Its gonna have to have some major tweaking done to it so that it works in P5, as it needs furfiles and what not. The body IMO, is perfect, the face as well. Its not completely wonky when walking or sitting, and its face still holds some Petz like originality, not TOO realistic, and the ears are just like a real Cardi ears.

So I saw thanks to those who helped me out! Thanks to those who tried to help me too!

BTW, the file's name is the "GMK Cardigan W. Corgi". Its for P4 and I'm gonna need the furfile for it to work right because the blue merle furfile is either missing or wrong. But I got what I need. thanks again!
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