Robyn (xdismantleme) wrote in petzadoptions,

I hate some Dogz 5 dogz that I can't look after anymore, anyway, here they are!

This is Piggy. She's an adult female. Her mother was a jack russel and her father was a pug. She's not sprayed and gets along with other dogz. She also has the cutest puppies :)

This is one of her puppies. This os Onion he's a male. He's an adult. He's half Great Dane and half Pug/J.R :) I haven't played with him much, bu I think he's quite energetic. Not sprayed

This is Picklez, Onion's brother. Also a boy. Not sprayed.

This is Piggy's sister, Puppy. She has a Jack Russel face like her mother, whereas Piggy has her fathers pug nose! She's not sprayed either and an adult.

Only adopt if you have the time to look after them!

What Pet:
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just a nit-picky note:
Males are "neutered"
Females are "spayed" (no "r"

They are very cute, though!


February 27 2005, 19:56:58 UTC 12 years ago

awwww piggy is so cute i'd love to have her, id be the perfect owner for her!my email is
The pictures don't work.



December 7 2007, 07:30:01 UTC 10 years ago

Can I PLEASE have Puppy? She is sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!

My email:
Hey, could I possibly have Piggy and Onion(I love the name Onion by the way!)?
My email is



May 29 2008, 13:08:19 UTC 9 years ago

please can i have piggy. i think she is VERY cute and i am offering THE BEST CARE for her. my home is very acceptable for her because i onlyhave 2 other dogs.i am planning on breeding her but i will not if you dont want me to. although if you do let me i will send you pics of every litter she has. mye-mail is PLEASE LET ME HAVE HER!I HAVE THE PERFECT BREEDING PARTNER!



December 29 2009, 16:54:33 UTC 8 years ago

please can i have puppy i have the perfect home for her and i'll look after her my email is victoria.connor9@ thanks



June 8 2010, 07:43:54 UTC 7 years ago

SOrry about the title. COuldnt think of somthing my email is I dont mind but my fav is Picklez