Swallowtail (boughtagun) wrote in petzadoptions,

Petz Adoptions

Hellohello! I'm glad I found this community. ^_^ I'm brand new, and I'm got some Petz to put up.

Jake, Male. A Sheepdog/Dalmation/Mutt, 8 Gen +. He's the cutest thing with a great Sheepdog personality and bark.

Bullet, Male. A Great Dane/Mutt/Poodle, 7 Gen. Great dog and I love him to death, but I don't have the time for Petz that I used to. I want him to have a great home without being neglected. -_-; He's got a lovely Poodle personality, without the priss.

Cormick, Male (Reddish w/ Spots) & Roulette, Female (Black). Brother and Sister, but seperateable. 8 Gen + Scottie/Mutt/Poodle/Wolf (REQUIRES the Wolf breedfile. I can send along with Dogz). Cormick is a sweetie, and mute. Very playful with a Poodle personality. Roulette has a Wolf (Great Dane) bark and personality. Both are cuties.

Requirements: Email me [kthursday@comcast.net] with a simple form of your name, the pet you want, and why! I don't need elaborate reasons, but some of these Petz are hard for me to part with. ^_^; Please, of course, don't neglect or abuse these Petz. Honor system. Thank you, and enjoy!
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aww Jake is soo cute, can i have him? <333




January 3 2005, 15:11:40 UTC 12 years ago

Hi, I'm new too =] I have totally fallen in love with Jake. He's got to be the cutest little dog I've ever seen on Dogz. I only have Dogz 4 (I did have Dogz 5 but it doesn't work) so I don't know if it's alright... I'll email you okay?
Bullet is so so so cute can i have him my email is cat_girl515@yahoo.com thanks
Emailing you when I get home for 2 pets (if I can have 2). Can't at the moment, internet won't let me in email where I'm at. **sorry for the useless post**


May 29 2008, 13:01:44 UTC 9 years ago

can i have cormick and roulette. i promise i will take good care of them and i promise i will keep them together



December 29 2009, 16:47:04 UTC 7 years ago

i would definately like roulette please email me victoria.connor9@virgin.net
Cormick is my favorate he is so cute please can I have him Joeymans@live.co.uk