Arie (onlyarie) wrote in petzadoptions,

Many kittens up for adoption!

Nearly all the kittens that are born in my petz program are up for adoption, and since I very often have to add to the list I figured it would mean flooding this community if I had to make a new post every time new kittens grew old enough to be serperated from the mother.

So, now, I've stored pictures of them all in a Photobucket account. The system is very simple: kittens with bows are females, without bows are males. The names of the pictures are "adoptable" followed by the kitten's name, and then the names of it's parents. At the bottom of the album there are pictures starting with "couple", followed by two names; these are the parents of all the adoptables, in case you might want to see what breeds they are and such stuff.

The adress of this Photobucket is; the password is kitten.

In case you see a kitten you might want to adopt, just post a reply with it's name and your e-mail adress along with a few lines why you want this kitten (I'm not very strict but "omg cute!" won't work). You can also e-mail me: ariettetibbe AT gmail DOT com

Thanks in advance! :)
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