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Petz Adoptions

For all your Petz adopting and advertising needs

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This is a community where people can post their petz that they'd like to put up for adoption and their Petz webpages. I thought this would be a good idea, since the Petz adoption center doesn't seem to want to be nice and work.

This community is for virtual petz, and is in no way oriented with real pets. So please do not make posts about your real life pets or advertise your real life pets, as the posts will be deleted.


1. If you're posting pics of the petz you are putting up for adoption and there are more than three petz/pics please put them behind a cut page!

2. When you are posting your petz put as much info about them as you can. (ex. age, gender, breed, hex lineage, mute, etc.) People want to know about the pet they are adopting!

3. No outside topics, please. This is a Petz community and is meant to stay that way! *shakes finger*

4. If you do make a post of an outside topic I will delete your post. If you read the rules of the community there should not be a problem with this or an argument.

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